Certainteed Patriot AR – Beyond The Wrapper


It isn’t too often that a new shingle comes out that the industry is abuzz over. Certainteed has a brand-new shingle out called Patriot. Certainteed Patriot shingles are solid slab shingles that have the look of a dimensional shingle and a price comparable to a three tab.  Other solid slab shingles have came out in the past, but those shingles required a second granule or drop to achieve a dimensional look. Certainteed has a new, one pass granular drop so you won’t have cracking problems like he used to have with older solid slab shingles.

The Advantages of Using Certainteed Patriot Shingles

Certainteed Patriot AR shingles have a lot of advantages over dimensional shingles in three tab shingles.  Here are some of the reasons why we are very excited about the shingle:

  • You get a dimensional look for a price that is similar to a three tab shingle
  • Saves you time…15 fewer shingles to install
  • Save you money…Fewer shingles means a quicker installation and 60 fewer fasteners to install
  • The slab design makes Patriot AR easier to install, flash, and cut
  • At 225 pounds per square, this is a very heavy shingle
  • It has a 30 year warranty
  • It has a 110 mph wind warranty
  • The shiplap end cuts make the single easier to install
  • It is one solid slab, there are no tabs to blow off, which means you will have fewer blowouts

Basic Overview and Cool Features

Some basic things you should know about Patriot AR:

  • It is a true metric shingle (39 3/8” x 13 1/4“) which means you will need 15 fewer shingles and 60 fewer nails than a standard 3-tab shingle.
  • The shiplap helps you get the 5 5/5″ exposure the shingle needs.
  • Chalk lines horizontal every other course.  You can chalk lines every 4th course, but make sure the shingle is laying perfectly straight.
  • This shingle gives you the look of dimensional.  It is similar to how Certainteed New Horizon and OC Prominence used to look.
  • There are no slots to wear out
  • It is a very heavy shingle

How To Fasten Certainteed Patriot

The first important things to remember when nailing Patriot is NEVER NAIL HIGH.  Keep 4 nails in the nailing area.  These are the top things to know when fastening Patriot AR:

  • NEVER HIGH NAIL THIS SHINGLE!  Watch the video above for why proper nailing is so important.
  • 4 nails in the correct spot is enough to get you the 110 mph wind warranty
  • If you are installing on a slope greater than 21/12, use 4 nails and 6 dabs of roofing cement (see pic below)

nailing instructions from bundle of shingles

The picture below shows you where you should place every nail.

where to put nails into certainteed patriot

Starting Patriot AR

Certainteed Patriot Started On Roof

Click the picture to get a full size view of Patriot started on the roof.


This is the how you need to start your felt, starter strip, and the 1st courses of the shingle.  Remember to let at least 1/2″ hand over the rake edge and 1″ to 2″ should hang over the drip edge or gutter apron at the eaves.  Below are some pictures from the wrapper explaining how start Patriot.  CLICK EACH PICTURE FOR A LARGE, ZOOMED IN VIEW. The top picture tells you how much to cut off and the bottom two explain in detail how you should start a new roof and a replacement roof.

Picture of how you should start Certainteed Patriot

new roof starting

roof over starting

 Hip and Ridge

This is how the bundle tells you to make hip and ridge shingles for Patriot.  You can use the shingle for your ridge or buy a matching color of Certainteed Shadow Ridge.

hip and ridge installation for patriot

The most important thing to remember when you’re cutting your own hip and ridge is to cut the headlap at a diagonal.

Valley Installation

This is how to install a valley.  Valleys can be a little tricky because of the shiplap design.

Things to remember:

  • ALWAYS clip the corner of the shingles in the valley
  • Keep nails 6″ from the center of the valley’s center line
  • Cut your valley back 2″ from the center line, and make your cut on the steep side of the roof
  • Extend the shingles a minimum of 12″ across the valley
  • Don’t forget to use some kind of ice and water protection in the valley

valley instructions for patriot



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2 Responses to Certainteed Patriot AR – Beyond The Wrapper

  1. Charles R Yeary says:

    Patriot AR requires 4 nails per shingle placed BELOW THE SEAL STRIPS! Does the patriot shingle require 6 nails to achieve110 mph wind warranty?

    • Steve says:

      You only need to use 4 nails to get the 110 mph wind warranty.

      You have to use 6 nails with a traditional 3 tab shingle to get the high wind warranty because you need to put a nail on each side of the shingle’s slot.

      Thanks for the question Charles!

      - Steve

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